WorldMap allows users to:

  • Create an online mapping portal and brand it.

  • Upload large GIS files and visualize them online.

  • Control access to your data. Allow multiple trusted people to edit the same map.

  • Download data which others make available.

  • Create and edit map layers online and link map features to multimedia content.

  • Display maps from other systems as if they were in WorldMap.  Serve maps to other systems as map services.
  • Export layers to GIS formats such as KML, Shape, spreadsheet, PDF.

  • Create complex cartographic visualizations using simple rules. Control the transparency of layers.

  • Overlay remote data layers with local data.

  • Find the location of a place by searching several gazetteers simultaneously.
  • Embed live maps in blogs and other web pages.

  • Upload scanned historic maps and georeference them online, then display them in WorldMap.
  • Rank and comment on a map or layer.
  • Annotate a map.
  • And many other functions...