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User manuals are available in English, Chinese, French, and Italian.

Note on terminology: what is a "Layer" in WorldMap?
In WorldMap you can upload map layers to the system. Any data file you add to the map is called a “Layer”. You can control the way your layers are symbolized and control the way other people access them by setting permissions for your layers.  The layers being uploaded to a Map can be in the form of Shapefiles or GeoTiffs on your workstation,  or they can be added by pointing to data layers available through a web service.  You can also create vector layers and add features to them using our editing tools, or you can upload scanned georectified map images..

What are "Maps" in WorldMap?
WorldMap allows you to organize your Layers and other people’s Layers together into collections, which you can configure and save. We call these collections of Layers “Maps”. You can control access to your Maps as well as to the Layers that make up your maps.